Seminar Schedule Saturday, February 23

Saturday 12:00

JoAnna Dickey - 'Let’s Have a Conversation with Our Spirit Guide: a Guided Meditation Experience' 

Saturday 1:00

Joanie Conn - 'The Power of Emotions: What are You Emitting?'

Saturday 2:00

Judy Bagan - 'Flu Season, Herbs & Infusions'  

Saturday 3:00

Patti Starr - ' Ghost Hunt in Seminar Room' - Using ghost hunting equipment & spirit communication Patti will attempt to contact spirits in the seminar room. 

Saturday 4:00

Missy Swango - 'Intimacy After 40: 

Part 1'

Seminar Schedule Sunday February 24

Sunday 12:00

Carrie Kenady - 'What Our Pets Want Us to Know'

Sunday 1:00

Heather Vaughn - 'Winter Blues & Flu'

Sunday 2:00

Rose Howard - 'Alchemy, Soul, Sound & Love' - Sound, essential oil frequencies, and deep meditation create the potential for Healing & Transformation in your mind, body, and spirit. You are the portal! 

Sunday 3:00

Holly McCullough - 'Channeling Healing Energy'

Sunday 4:00

Psychic Sisters - 'Am I Awake'?


SEMINAR ROOM:  Adjacent to Kitchen Door Exit.


BATHROOMS:  Thru the Kitchen Door Exit to the Left (next to Seminar Room) 

MULTIPLE BATHROOMS in back of building

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