Seminar Schedule May 19th

Saturday 11:30

Judy Bagan - 'Accepting Your Ability 

to Heal' 

Saturday 12:00

 Missy Swango -   'What Is Intimacy?' 

Saturday 1:00

Joanie Conn - 'Spiritual Gifts Series' -   Part 3: Clairsentience

Saturday 2:00

Freida Mee - 'Foot Detoxing and Why We Need to Do Them'

Saturday 3:00

Psychic Sisters - 'Share Your Spiritual Journey'

Saturday 4:00


Seminar Schedule May 20th

Sunday 11:30

Rose Howard -  "Five Universal Processes of Change."  We explore the five universal shapes, their meanings, and how each represent and carry forth your inner processes of transformation. (Part I of III) 

Sunday 12:00

Mark James - 'Sacred Sounds'

Sunday 1:00

JoAnna Dickey - 'Who Is Sending Messages from Spirit and Why?'  

Sunday 2:00

Holly McCullough  - 'Meet Your Spirit Guide: Meet Your Spirit Guide'

Sunday 3:00

Robert Curtis - TBA

Sunday 4:00

Steve Smith - TBA


SEMINAR ROOM:  Adjacent to Kitchen Door Exit.


BATHROOMS:  Thru the Kitchen Door Exit to the Left (next to Seminar Room) 

MULTIPLE BATHROOMS in back of Ruthanne Shultz Middle Room