Seminar Schedule Saturday, December 1

Saturday 12:00

Join Katch Me If You Can in the Kitchen for Lunch

Saturday 1:00

Joanie Conn - 'Let's Talk Tarot: History & Myths of Tarot' 

Saturday 2:00

Mark James - 'What's Spooky About the Spooky 2: Learning about Frequency'

Saturday 3:00

JoAnna - 'The Veil Between the Worlds Is Thin at This Time - What Does That Mean for You?'  

Saturday 4:00

Psychic Sisters -  'Sharing Your Spiritual Journey'  

Seminar Schedule Sunday December 2

Sunday 12:00

Holly McCullough - 'Mini Past Live Readings' - Audience Participation

Sunday 1:00

Spirit Mechanix -   “Uninvited Guests 2: The Difference Between Attachment Removals and Exorcisms”  

Sunday 2:00

 BluLeaf Naturals - 'The Benefits of CBD Oil' 

Sunday 3:00

Carrie Kenady - 'A Special Meditation for Children & Adults'

Sunday 4:00

Lilia Vega - 'Medicinal Plants of Costa Rica & South America'


SEMINAR ROOM:  Adjacent to Kitchen Door Exit.


BATHROOMS:  Thru the Kitchen Door Exit to the Left (next to Seminar Room) 

MULTIPLE BATHROOMS in back of building

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