Seminar Schedule Saturday, February 23

Saturday 12:00

 Carol Gailey - The Four Elements - Earth, Wind, Fire, Air - in Sound'

Saturday 1:00

Joanie Conn - 'Myths of Tarot'

Saturday 2:00

Missy Swango - 'The Five Love Languages'

Saturday 3:00

Patti Starr - ' Ghost Hunt in Seminar Room' - Using ghost hunting equipment & spirit communication Patti will attempt to contact spirits in the seminar room. 

Saturday 4:00

BluLeaf Naturals - 'CBD Oil - 'Buy safe.  Be safe:  What to be aware of in purchasing CBD products'  

Seminar Schedule Sunday February 24

Sunday 12:00

Psychic Sisters - 'Sharing Your Spiritual Journey'

Sunday 1:00

Heather Vaughn - 'Winter Blues & Flu'

Sunday 2:00

Spirit Mechanix  -  'TBA'

Sunday 3:00

Layla Cook - 'Powerful Start to 2019''

Sunday 4:00

Thunderkleez - 'A Mindful Meditation'


SEMINAR ROOM:  Adjacent to Kitchen Door Exit.


BATHROOMS:  Thru the Kitchen Door Exit to the Left (next to Seminar Room) 

MULTIPLE BATHROOMS in back of building

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